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/ Some little basic stats about me: Sexual Orientation: HOMO Nappy Hair Brown Eyes Body Type: Slim Fit Position: Bottom Weight: 150 lbs.

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Height: 5’ 10" Race: Black Age: 26 Turn Ons: Rating: 9.69 Anything else? Zodiac Sign: Libra Languages: English Favorite Color: Orange

\ Honestly, I get turned on when I turn on other MEN. =)
 Welcome to my room feel free to call me Slice guys! I've put together this interactive show and these stories for you.
Remember, if you enjoyed the show or the stories below, be sure to follow me and turn on your notifications for more! /

      Slicington's A Slave To His Demon Masters
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Eyeing the hallway leading up to the intricately wrought iron door carefully Slicington calmly readied himself. The demon waiting inside was the one he had been contracted to kill by the nearby village. A bounty of 100 gold coins seemed excessive for a demon that never left it's inner sanctum or attacked the village itself but money was money.
The only warning about the bounty was the rumor that looking into the eyes of the demon would mean instant death. Slicington chuckled to himself, he had faced similar monsters before and he had come fully prepared. A well polished iron mirror shield and his trusty sword would make short work of whatever lay beyond that door.
Inspecting himself in the shield's surface to make sure it was of perfect condition he saw a light-colored black man of 25 years looking back at him. Short dark hair and dark brown colored eyes Slicing had a slim athletic build and a height of 5 feet 10 inches. His armor was plain looking but of the highest quality, providing him good protection while all the mobility he needed to cut down his prey.
Making sure the shield was firmly tied in place Slicing approached the large iron door in front of him. While hard to see at a distance, up close it was covered in intricate runes, some kind of seal perhaps. Giving it a firm push it slowly opened into the room beyond.
The chamber itself was magnificent, a massive circular arena with tall spherical pillars sprouting up at regular intervals throughout it. The opposite end of the chamber held a similar looking door, perhaps leading to some kind of treasure room. The floor looked carved from a type of dark black rock Slicing didn't recognize, massive lettering of sorts in-between the pillars glowing faintly in the light. A tall dome spread above the room, letting in a fair amount of light, enough to see what Slicing had come here for.
Standing tall in the center of the room Slicing could make out the demon. Easily 8 feet tall with gray skin and several red runes seemingly etched all over it's body it was an imposing beast. The demon was muscled heavily, it's chest chiseled and toned. Bulky arms ending in hand with sharp claw like nails, a color of crimson matching the runes. The demon's bald head seemed similar to that of a human, but with dark black horns growing on top of it, with pointed teeth in it's mouth. From this distance it's eyes couldn't be seen, but Slicing still lowered his head immediately so as to not be caught in it's gaze.
As his eyes fell downwards Slicing noticed the demon was wearing a simple red loincloth over it's crotch. A snake like tail swept low near the ground behind it, ending in a forked point. Powerful looking legs held the demon upright ending sharp claw like nails at the toes.
The demon was certainly impressive to look at, at least the parts Slicing dared to view, but he was here for a reason he intended to see through. Slowly Slicing crept towards it, noting the features in the room and how to take advantage of them. The pillars would make an excellent hiding spot if needed, Slicing was confident he could evade the demon for a time in them if needed.
About half way towards the demon Slicing heard a grinding sound behind him, he did not need to turn to know that the door he had entered had closed, probably locked until he defeated the demon. Turning his attention back to demon Slicing knew that it was aware of him now. Letting out a mighty roar the demon immediately started towards Slicing.
Before Slicing could react the monster closed in on him. Taking great care to avoid looking at anything above it's chest Slicing raised his shield, anticipating a heavy swing from a mindless monster. Instead Slicing felt his shield ripped off him and tossed aside. Panic set in and Slicing threw himself in the opposite direction, behind one of the many tall pillars around the room. Now with only his sword in hand he trembled, the power the demon had far exceeded what he had expected.
Carefully Slicing looked around the pillar he had taken cover behind, no sign of the demon or his shield. Carefully and quietly moving from column to column looking for the shield that had been thrown away. Slicing scanned the area before a glint of metal caught his eye, he knew he had precious little time to get to it before the demon closed in on him again.
Before he could gather himself to move though, Slicing felt the demon's hand grab him from behind. In one swift motion he was being hurled overhead across the room, his sword slipping out of his grasp before crashing on the ground near the center of the chamber. Winded he struggled to get his bearings; he could hear each step the demon took towards him, an increasingly heavy thudding. Still dazed Slicing pinpointed his sword laying a few feet away from him. Desperately crawling on his chest towards it, Slicing reached out his arm to grab it only to feel himself being dragged backwards by the demon's strong hands.
Slicing felt himself easily handled by the demon as he was picked up and held next to it's chest with one arm. Only inches away from it's face Slicing struggled to break free from the demon's grasp, looking anywhere but into it's eyes. With one large arm pinning Slicing to it's chest the demon used it's other hand to grab Slicing's head, tilting it upwards so they were facing each other. Before Slicing could react he was looking into the demon's molten yellow eyes.
Upon seeing them Slicing stopped struggling, "This is how I die I suppose" he remorsefully said out loud, accepting his fate. However as he continued to gaze into those eyes as deep as pools Slicing did not find himself growing weak, instead he had a growing desire to not resist anymore. The thought of himself fighting or resisting seemed to drain away being replaced by something else. Slicing's heart was beating faster and his breathing grew heavy.
The demon released him from his grip and Slicing tumbled to the floor at it's feet. He saw the sword he had been reaching for only a few moments earlier but strangely it no longer interested him. Killing the demon didn't seem like a rational thought to him anymore.
Falling to his knees Slicing looked up at the demon, what he had once considered a monster now had a different quality to it. Slicing's dick began to bulge in his armor, which should have horrified him, but instead all he felt was a strong lust. The demon began to laugh, it's voice raspy and deep, "Well human you put up a fair struggle but you are mine now." Placing a hand on Slicing's shoulder it began to trace one of it's claws over his cheek. "It has been a very long time since any have ventured into my lair, and I was beginning to grow bored. I, the demon Ba'al, am your master now"
"Yes master" Slicing said instinctually. Slicing felt different now, hanging off of every word that Ba'al uttered, looking up at him with a fevering desire to please.
"Now let us begin the ritual" Ba'al thundered. With a swift motion Ba'al had removed his loincloth, revealing this monstrous dick and heavy balls. The red runes continued down the side of it. As this very veiny and very thick member began to swiftly grow, the red and angry looking head revealing it'self from the foreskin, dripping a clear ooze. Slicing instinctually opened his mouth while looking up at Ba'al. He knew what was about to happen and that it was a great honor. Placing the head into his mouth he began to suck it, slowly at first before Ba'al plunged the rest of his dick into him. Chocking but unable to resist pleasing his master Slicing sucked with a feverish pace. Using his hands to stroke the shaft and fondle his balls Slicing's only aim was to take as much of it as possible. With a strong hand Ba'al slammed Slicing's head down onto his dick, fucking his face. Ba'al growled with satisfaction as Slicing utterly surrendered himself to his dick.
"Did you even think you stood a chance?" Ba'al mockingly questioned Slicing, "Or did you come down here hoping to become my slave?" Slicing could only whimper in reply as he chocked on Ba'al's dick. Had he known something when he came down here? His memories were becoming foggy as Ba'al continued his assault on his mouth. Memories seemed to fade and blend with each other, but the only thing he knew for sure was that he had a burning desire to please Ba'al.
Slicing could feel Ba'al's dick swell inside his mouth as the demon let out a mighty roar and blasted cum into Slicing's mouth. Gulping down every bit that his master offered him Slicing began to feel some kind of change deep inside him. Before he could place a finger on what it was though he felt Ba'al easily pick him up into his arms.
Carrying him deeper into the chamber through the door he had seen earlier Slicing was held tightly to Ba'al's chest. The steady beating of his master's heart stirred a primal desire inside of him. Eventually Ba'al stopped before a large stone altar. Placing him onto it Slicing knew what was about to happen.
Still fully erect Ba'al began ripping off the armor still on Slicing's body. His once prized armor that had cost him months of hard work was easily pried apart as if it were paper under Ba'al's mighty hands. As the last of it clattered to the floor Ba'al began to draw runes similar to his own on Slicing's body using the cum that was still dripping from his dick. The elaborate runes started from his head down to his toes, covering every limb and entering every orifice. The runes looked identical to Ba'al's and as he finished Ba'al leaned forward as he engulfed Slicing's mouth in a passionate kiss.
Breathing deeply Slicing took in all of Ba'al's scent, his musk. Ba'al's tongue worked it's way into his mouth warm and wet with a distinct taste. While working on Slicing's mouth Ba'al pulled him tight to his body and moved his hands down to feel Slicing's ass. Ba'al's massive hands cupped Slicing's cheeks firmly, pulling and massaging them. After a sharp slap to Slicing's ass Ba'al began to move his fingers into Slicing's hole. One at first, then two and three, sharp claws that should have hurt provided only pleasure to Slicing.
"You will become mine in both body and soul" Ba'al boomed, as he pulled away from Slicing's mouth and removed his fingers from his ass.
"Yes master" Slicing meekly said trembling, in fear or excitement he could not tell.
Ba'al firmly grabbed each of Slicing's legs, raising his ass into the air with his back firmly on the altar. Leaning towards his ass Ba'al's tongue flicked into Slicing's hole. Probing deeply into it Ba'al's tongue explored and exposed him. Every nook and crevice in his ass was stretched in anticipation of accommodating Ba'al's massive member. Removing his tongue Ba'al grinned and said "You are ready for my seed"
Still holding onto Slicing's legs Ba'al pushed his dick at Slicing's hole. The pressure was unbearable as the head finally slipped into Slicing's ass. Slicing screamed in pain and pleasure as Ba'al slammed the rest of his dick into him. Ba'al slowly started to pull back his dick before slamming it back into Slicing. Slowly at first but each time he pounded into Slicing Ba'al's pace increased. In utter bliss Slicing surrendered his mind to the act of fucking. His only purpose was to provide pleasure for his master.
The runes on Ba'al's body began to glow a crimson red, shortly after the runes on Slicing's body reacted the same way. Ba'al fucked at a maddening tempo, his balls slapping Slicing's ass every time he plunged deep inside him. Ba'al shifted his grip from Slicing's legs to his hips to gain deeper access to his ass. Fucked for minutes on end as deeply as Ba'al could go Slicing screamed in pleasure.
Turning him around Ba'al lifted Slicing by his arms into the air, slowly lowering him down onto his giant erect dick. Up and down Slicing was lifted, each time being impaled by Ba'al. Just when Slicing thought he was on the brink of cumming Ba'al removed his dick and placed him on his belly on the alter. "Your old life will end... Ba'al told him in a strong voice. "And your new life will be to please me" he finished.
"Please master" Slicing begged.
"Very well my slave, with this I claim you as mine!" Ba'al said as he mounted Slicing one last time. Pinning Slicing under his weight Ba'al mercilessly fucked him. Harder and harder he pounded as Slicing screamed and cried. Slicing felt Ba'al's dick swell as he began to buck his hips in anticipation of his master's gift to him.
With one final roar Ba'al slammed his dick as deep inside Slicing as he could before unloading inside him. More cum then he could hold was pumped inside of his ass, eventually overflowing on the altar below him.
Slicing screamed as his skin and ass seemed to burn in intense agony and ecstasy. Waves of pleasure rolled over him as he felt the weight of a thousand orgasms crush him. Slicing's dick exploded with cum onto the altar mixing with Ba'al's. Finally he felt Ba'al's dick slide out of his ass.
Lying on the altar Slicing felt changed, as if his entire being had been shaped by something. Getting up and looking at himself he could see the runes Ba'al had drawn on him, now a deep red matching his, seemingly etched into his skin as if they had always been there.
Looking up at his master standing there Slicing knew what he must do. Falling to one knee he said "I pledge myself to you forever and always my master" Ba'al let out a deep chuckle "We still have many rounds to go before your body is fully ready for the changes. It's not over yet.."
Slicing couldn't stop grinning as Ba'al descended onto him once more.
To be continued....

     Slicington's Harem Of Brown Skinned Angels
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Back out in the desert again, in attempt to find some ancient artifact, Slicington finds himself under an overhanging rock where him and a friend was fucking a few days ago. He smiled at the memory and rubbed his crotch. He took off his backpack, his hat, and his sunglasses, and put them in a shaded area. Slicington looked around and saw that no one else was in sight. As usual, he was the only one out here in the midday heat. With a sly smile, he unbuttoned his shorts and shirt and tucked them away too. The whiteness of the skin round his waist was a sharp contrast to the rest of his suntanned body. Naked except for his desert boots, he made his way further along the rock wall. The heat on his firm body turned him on, his dick swinging in the soft wind, leaking clear cream as he continued his search. He was determined not to be distracted this time. At least not yet..
Suddenly, Slicington stepped on a loose rock and slid downward. He didn't have time to do anything except try to stop his fall, but it seemed impossible. However, after just a few feet, Slicington landed on a very narrow ledge. He picked himself up and checked himself out. Luckily, there were only a couple of scrapes. Looking up, he saw that returning to the path was almost impossible, even though it was only a short distance away, because the rock wall was angled up and outward. In fact, it was a miracle he had landed on the ledge, and not many feet lower on the floor of the valley, where he would have broken his back. He started to take stock of his surroundings. A moment later, he was chuckling; he put his backpack on the path above, and now he couldn't do anything about his nudity.
Suddenly, Slicington spotted a small opening in the rock wall in front of him. Moving closer, he saw that the rock wasn't solid in that point, but was made up of mud bricks which had been carefully concealed. Over the centuries, however, the dark plaster had slowly flaked away and exposed the bricks. Slicington moved closer and examined them. There were no visible markings to indicate who had placed them there, but they were clearly very ancient. Slowly and delicately, Slicing began moving them away, widening the hole. He placed the bricks in a small stack as he removed them, doing his best not to damage them. As soon as the hole was wide enough, Slicing stuck his head in. Then he withdrew it, feeling silly. His torch was in his backpack, so he couldn't see anything. He would have to make the hole bigger and go in.
After about half an hour of careful work, the hole was wide enough for Slicing to squeeze his body safely through. He crawled in and stepped aside to let the sunlight illuminate the place he had entered. What he saw made him catch his breath. It was a small man-made cavern which contained nothing other than a life sized statue of the Egyptian God, Anubis. But it was different from statues Slicing had seen before. This statue of the God was completely naked. Slicing ran his eyes over the perfection with which the God's muscles had been rendered, the detail on his chest, the abs, around the hips, and down his legs from which an enormous erection protruded. Slicing gauged it at somewhere around 10 inches! Slicing walked slowly round the statue, marveling in its perfection; every dimple and fold in the human body was depicted by what was clearly a master artist's hand. The features were very masculine, and there was a hint of a smile. The chest was well formed, with small but prominent nipples. The statue's entire body rippled with muscles, which was very unusual for a statue of that period.
Slicing felt himself become aroused by the virility of the man depicted in the statue, and briefly wondered whether the artist had used a live model. He moved closer and ran his hand carefully over one leg, the statue was cold and solid. He had suddenly realized that what he had at first thought to be a gilded wooden statue was in fact solid gold!
Returning to the front of the statue, and ignoring his rapidly growing hard-on, Slicing noticed an inscription at the base of the statue. He knelt in the dust and began to read it. What he read made his eyes grow wide in amazement. The gist of it was that Anubis would grant eternal life to any man who could succeed in giving pleasure to his replica.
Coming to his feet, Slicing took another look at the gold statue. He didn't believe a word of it, of course, but the sight of a physically perfect man, albeit artificial, had his blood pumping and his dick jumping. Closing his hand around the base of his warm shaft, he grinned and murmured "What the hell man!".
Dropping to his knees again, Slicing opened his mouth and sank down to the height of the golden dick. It was cold in his mouth, but the artist had paid attention to every small detail, and to Slicing it felt almost real. Every vein along the enormous shaft was clearly detectable to Slicing's expert tongue. He had trouble taking it all in, because unlike a real dick, it wasn't flexible. But he was so horny by now that he did his best. But after a while, he decided that he wanted more. His dick was leaking precum onto his inner thigh, and he badly wanted to cum. So he stood up and turned his back to the statue. He backed up slowly until he felt the cold metal phallus against his ass. He moved slightly till he felt the large head sliding into his warm wet Bussy lips. Grabbing his dick with both hands, Slicing took a deep breath and shoved backwards.
The huge golden shaft entered his body easily, much to Slicing's surprise. Even more surprising was that it felt almost human, almost as though it were bending to follow the curves in his bowels, unlike the way it had felt in his mouth. His eyes closed, Slicing continued to inch backward, taking more of the metal piece into his hungry ass, until he felt his butt run against the cold metal of the statue's crotch. At that point, Slicing paused, to get used to the wonderful feeling of having his rectum full of dick, even if a metal one. He jacked his dick a few times, drooling precum into his hand and on the floor. Then he let go, reached behind himself to grip the statue's hips, and started screwing himself on that huge solid gold dick.
As was usually the case when he had a dick up his ass, Slicing went into sensory overload. He imagined that the statue had clasped its hands round his waist and was thrusting its hips in rhythm with Slicing's own movements. And that golden dick inside him seemed to come to life too. Slicing ignored these things, and concentrated on the incredible feelings inside him. He beat his throbbing meat, jacking it swiftly until orgasm. He loved getting fucked, and dicks this size were a rarity! As he humped his firm butt on the huge rock, his fist moved quickly along his own thick shaft. He didn't even notice that he was no longer supporting himself by holding onto the statue's waist.
Then Slicing threw back his head and yelled in ecstasy, and his dick began spurting thick jizz all into the air. He aimed it upwards, and the cum sprayed all over his chest and abs. At that moment, Slicing felt something explode deep inside him. Hot fluid filled his guts, and Slicing began to realize that it was the golden dick which was erupting. Slowly, Slicing turned his head to look back, and what he saw left him even more awe-struck than before. Anubis was no longer made of gold, but was a flesh and blood human, whose dick was shooting cum into Slicing's ass!

Slicing slowly pulled away, and the still erect dick slid out of his body. He turned round to stare, speechless, at the man standing in front of him. The man smiled, reaching for his dick to milk the last drops of juice from the large head. Then he released it and, still smiling at Slicing, licked his fingers clean. He took a step forward, and Slicing finally found his voice. "Who are you?" His voice was unsteady.
"You know who I am, Slicing," the man replied. "You read the inscription. I am Anubis."
"But that's not possible!" exclaimed Slicing, stunned. But he slowly realized that there was no other explanation. When he had impaled his ass on that huge dick, it had been cold metal, and when it had withdrawn, it was flesh, and dripping cum. And the man was exactly the same as the statue had been, same perfect body, but all the more wonderful because it was now a living, brown skin, breathing black man.
Anubis laughed and stepped closer to Slicing, looking him over. "I am lucky indeed to have been woken by such an attractive man as you are. And strangely, I find that you came wearing nothing but desert boots very exciting!" He ran his hand over Slicing's chest and abs, feeling the hard muscles there, then lower to Slicing's trimmed pubic hair. "Indeed, most exciting." Slicing looked down as Anubis cupped his large balls, drawing them gently down and away from his groin. "You do such a good job grooming your body! Keep that up."
Slicing smiled. "That's an easy promise to keep. I like my body hairs to be well kept. But tell me ... Anubis ... may I call you that?"
"Yes, of course. It is my name."
"OK. Tell me, how did you come to be here?"
The God sighed and released Slicing's testicles. He turned and walked slowly round the small cavern, giving Slicing a chance to admire his perfectly round butt. "It's a long story. Let's say that I came here of my own will when the Egyptian people began to loose faith in me and the other Gods. So I abandoned them to themselves and transformed myself into a statue, in the hope that someone would find me one day, and believe again." He turned to face Slicing. "Do you believe?"
Slicing nodded. "How can I not believe. You are standing here talking to me, and I know you were a statue until a few minutes ago. It's incredible, but I do believe, yes."
Anubis smiled. Without a word, he moved to stand behind Slicing. His arms went round Slicing's sides and his hands brushed up Slicing's chest and locked behind his head. Slicing could feel the God's now soft dick settle in between his buns. Then Anubis whispered into his ear, "Close you, and trust me."
Slicing complied. A few moments later, another whisper. "Open your eyes." Slicing did, and looked around in surprise. They were standing in a verdant garden, next to a pool filled with lotus blossoms. He could hear a fountain tinkling near-by. Anubis released him, and Slicing turned slowly, in awe at his new surroundings. Anubis chuckled. "Welcome to Amenti, the home of my angels!"
Anubis reached for Slicing's dripping dick, rubbing the precum over the dick slit with his thumb. Slicing got hard almost instantly. "Beautiful," he breathed. "I will soon get to know every inch of your body." Slicing grinned and moved to grab Anubis's dick, but then he noticed two brown skinned angels approaching. Anubis continued playing with Slicing's erection as they approached. They both folded their wings as if they just flew in. Their powerful black bodies were naked except for a small white cloth wrapped round their waists and covering their genitals.
Anubis said a word to them, and they dropped to their knees, one in front of Slicing, the other before Anubis. The God released his hold on Slicing's shlong, and instantly the bald black man started sucking on it. Slicing gasped in surprise, and watched the other black man close his mouth over Anubis's rod. Anubis chuckled and patted Slicing's butt, running his fingers into his crack. Slicing sighed and pushed back against the hand. "What a welcoming committee!" He looked down as the black man slid the last two inches of Slicing's dick into his mouth, his lips pressed against Slicing's groin. At that moment, two fingers slipped past his sphincter.
Slicing closed his eyes and began rocking his hips, causing the fingers to pump in and out of his hole while thrusting his dick in the black man's mouth. His right hand moved over Anubis's smooth buns, his left hand on the Angel's bald head, rocking back and fourth, his right hand soon found the entrance to the God's body. Anubis groaned when Slicing pushed his finger in. The two, Slicing and Anubis, synced their movements, thrusting fingers into each other's ass while fucking the willing mouths of the two black angels. The sensations were incredible, and Slicing had to see. He opened his eyes and looked down at the hunky black man blowing him. The dark skin glistened with sweat, the muscles tense and rippling. When he noticed that Slicing was watching him, the black angel pulled back, flashed a quick smile, and gobbled both of Slicing's eggs into his expert mouth. Slicing groaned as a hot tongue washed over his sensitive orbs.
Slicing glanced over at Anubis, who's eyes were closed as he thrust his huge meat into the mouth in front of him. With a sly smile, Slicing twisted his hand slightly and thrust three more finger's into the God's muscular ass. Anubis's eyes blinked open in a pleased surprise. They smiled at each other, and Anubis said, "I want more of that. Take me!"
Instantly, the black man released Slicing's dick and sat back on his haunches. The fingers were withdrawn from Slicing's butt, allowing him to move behind the well built God. He hugged him from behind, much as Anubis had hugged him before. A powerful hand gripped Slicing's dick; it was the black man that was blowing Anubis, guiding Slicing tool right behind Anubis's buns, guiding it towards his opening. Slicing felt the soft sphincter against the head of his pole and began to slowly push it in. He slid easily inside the warm canal and didn't stop until he could feel his hairy balls pressed up God's smooth ones.
Slicing remained motionless for a moment, allowing them both to get used to his presence inside Anubis's body. The warm fuck-chute hugged Slicing's shaft tightly. Slicing's hands roamed over the great God's hard muscles, twisting his erect nipples and getting more aroused simply by the feel of the perfection of Anubis's body. He wanted to hold God's nuts, but the Angel had already commandeered them. So Slicing began the slow hip movements that would soon become a hard fuck. Every time Slicing thrust his hard dick deep into God's ass, God would grunt in pleasure. Then Slicing felt something on his butt. The seated angel that had been blowing him before was on his knees, had Slicing's cheeks spread and was licking at them juicy lips.
Slicing's gasp of shocked pleasure made Anubis ask, "Is something wrong?"
Slicing gasped again and said, "Yeah, tell your guy to get his tongue out my ass and put his dick in there!"
Anubis laughed. "Tell him yourself. He will understand."
Slicing looked over his shoulder at this muscular man gobbling his cheeks. "Hey, get naked and fuck my ass - hard!"
The Angel stood up grinning and with a swift movement, pulled off his loin cloth. His dick was huge, curved black, hard and ready his balls dangled low in their sack. Slicing nodded in encouragement. Strong hands spread his cheeks and the mushroom dickhead touched his hole. Slicing's own violent movements thrust the big rod into his body, making him cry out as the throbbing dick sank all the way into him and the pleasure flashed throughout his body.
Slicing's thrusts became frenzied as he rammed his dick in and out of Anubis's hot cakes, fucking himself with the Angel's big black dick at the same time. It was something he had always wanted to do, but for some reason, till now, never had. His hands clawed across Anubis's chest as his passion mounted. After a few more minutes, he screamed "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" And with one last powerful thrust forward, he emptied his balls into God's body. His nuts contracted, pumping jet after jet of hot cream deep into that ass. Slicing was dimly aware of Anubis's chute clamping round his tool as Anubis blasted his own load into Angel's slurping mouth, but he was much more aware of the heated liquid which filled him as the curved black dick fucking him shot in his ass as well.
The two Angels withdrew a short distance, and allowed Slicing and Anubis to regain their breath. Slicing pulled his softening dick from God's ass, gasping, "Man, that was good!" Anubis smiled and signaled the Angels to leave. His arm went round Slicing's waist and he led him toward a low building. "I'm getting to know you sooner than I expected," he said, grinning. "You felt really good inside me, Slicing. Now I will take you to your room. I'm sure you will be comfortable there. A harem has been arranged for you. They will serve you and delight you when I am not here." "A harem? You mean women?"
Anubis laughed. "Of course not, my funny friend! Men, the very best. Selected for their endowment and their skill. I'm sure they will keep you VERY busy!" Slicing smiled, feeling a blush coming on for some reason. He couldn't imagine a group of men ready to please him that way. "But will they understand me? I mean, I only speak English and Spanish but I'm not that good." Anubis smiled. "Haven't you noticed? Since we came here, you are speaking my language perfectly." Slicing stopped, dumbfounded. He hadn't noticed. But now that he thought about it, he hadn't spoken English to those Angels..
To be continued....

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